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Our customer VIMAR SPA from Marostica (VI), an important player in the production of electrical/electronic material for residential and tertiary systems, contacted us to produce 46 new ergonomic workstations for their new production plant.

Following the customer's request, for which the supply of workstations that met ergonomic and productivity requirements was necessary, we proposed a collaboration that began with an analysis / pre-study phase. Our experience in the field of ergonomics and the close dialogue with the customer's technical staff have allowed us to respond in the best possible way to the demanded requirements, guaranteeing a truly person-friendly workstation.

Specifically, the workstations consist of an ergonomic bench complete with a rear structure - the so-called "backpack" - for the management of the FIFO power supply of the components on them.

The FIFO (First In - First out) system from a lean perspective, enhances the inventory by ensuring:1) a continuous power supply managed by product code or kit;2) unloading (first out) of empty containers without the operator having the need to perform heavy and incongruous movements for their posture.The workstations are designed and built with specific attention to the parameters of ergonomics and operator safety, according to a fluid "lean" and "smart" production model.

Thanks to an independent worktop adjustment system, each operator has the possibility to adjust the height of the same in complete autonomy from the rest of the line, satisfying both his physical need in relation to his own height and that of managing the position in based on the size of the component currently in use.

The structures are made entirely of ESD material or designed to protect the electronic components from any electrostatic discharges generated by people: ESD wooden worktop and aluminum profile structure, both electrically connected to the grounding system.

Next to the workstations, 20 tables with double support surfaces have been created for the testing and functional testing phases of the assembled components. Each table serves about 2 assembly stations in order to avoid single testing stations at the end of the line which can inevitably become a bottleneck in the production flow.

The order also consisted of about 70 modular gravity warehouses for the management of components for processing (picking warehouse) These were again made with the FIFO logic to facilitate and optimize line "feeding" operations by the assigned resources to internal logistics.

The final installation phase customer's plant allowed us to refine the functional and aesthetic needs of the customer while always maintaining a very high standard of sharing and attention to the person and his or her needs.

Thanks to the above-mentioned collaboration, the final result was of mutual satisfaction both in terms of functionality and aesthetic impact given that as they say in these cases: "the eye also wants its part".


The customer requested a supply of workstations that met specific ergonomic and high productivity requirements.
Despite the period of restrictions and production block imposed by the anti-COVID-19 regulations, we can congratulate the VIMAR SPA company and its technical staff for how they managed the collaboration both in the design phase and in the construction and delivery of the workstations. A company that despite the difficult economic situation, continued to invest and look to the future with confidence, which is why we also felt invested in BNP with an important responsibility for which all available resources were committed to the realization of the project.
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