Torque reaction arms

BNP torque reaction arms are dedicated to improving efficiency in the production process, ensuring maximum quality and precision in the tightening operations and preventing various risk factors to which the operator is subject.
The torque reaction of the tool is fully absorbed by the reaction arm, reducing possible adverse effects caused by against-reaction of the tool and improving workstation ergonomics. The arm choice depends on the type of screwdriver used: straight, pistol and angle tools.

BNP telescopic torque reaction arms, made of carbon fiber, are the best solution for maximizing ergonomics in the hand tightening operations. 
BRV anti-rotation torque reaction arms are universal tools with an exclusive design for maximum tightening flexibility. 
BNP orthogonal torque reaction arms combine the company know-how on carbon fiber with a robust mechanical design and high precision assembly.  
Zero Gravity torque reaction arms, thanks to a pneumatic balancing system, relieves the operator from holding up the tool weight. 
BNP torque reaction arm accessories are used for precision tool positioning, ensuring maximum efficiency during tightening.  
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