SMM - Smart Manufacturing Manager - is an integrated software system for user-friendly digital data management, an accurate controlling system of the assembly positioning, which allows process monitoring on every phase to guarantee the total quality and a flexible and expandable work cycle. SMM software is born from the collaboration with Sogea Srl, manufacturing software leader company. 

SMM software is used to create multiple process scenarios in the production facility and to improve the efficiency of the process. 

Configuration of the workstations with all the components at different process stages.
Configuration of each work cycle phase, including multilingual instructions and images upload.
Configuration of each workstation component and its adaptability in relation to the phase of work.
Production startup with a specific work cycle enables one or more workstations to perform a certain process.
Real-time monitoring of the information flow.
Diagnostics and alert management (e.g. safety stock).

SMM BASIC features
Operator recognition
Model recognition
Visualization of work phases, multilingual instructions, workplace and assembly components graphic reproduction
Visualization of detailed instructions for each phase (pdf, videos, images…)
Barcode printing and detection

SMM ADVANCED features in addiction
Adjustment of operator’s ergonomic parameters
Clamps locking / unlocking management
Power tools management
Torque reaction arms management
Encoders management
Tightening control unit data function
Socket tray management
Pick to light system
Fluid dispensing system management
Electronic pressing systems management
Laser marker management

SMM PRO features in addiction
Electronic handling systems management
Collaborative robot management

Other customized to the customer request.

Furthermore, information about product are available on Sogea Srl website: 

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