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Renowned Italian manufacturer of industrial and marine engines


The end user is a manufacturer of marine engines and inboard power units. We have produced to them two custom products: a BRT telescopic torque reaction arm with indexed rotary THR tool holder and a ZeroG torque reaction arm with wide radius (2.9 meters) in floor mount version. Our products have been installed on production line thanks to our specialist dealers.

The BRT telescopic torque reaction arm can be used when tightening is perpendicular to the arm axis. 
Also thanks to the indexed rotary THR tool holder, the screwdriver can rotate 180 degrees, allowing tightening both on the right and the left side of the arm. In addition to tightening function, also ZeroG handles the work equipment.

Furthermore, high strength features due to the presence of carbon fiber within the arm and the steel supporting structure combine the maximum maneuverability, safety, and efficiency of the reaction.


The request of the company was to have an efficient tool that could be tightening on the x-y axis of engines with a torque of 400 Nm. Also, it was required to be able to perform x-y-z axis tightening function for a torque of 600 Nm and a 2900 mm radius.

Arms had to realize an efficient assembly of the engine with the high quality of the tightening phase to ensure the great performance of the high power motor.

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