Total Quality

The process of continuous improvement for customer satisfaction
The post industrial society has achieved high production standards and increasing focus on quality. As a result of the Japanese theory developed over the last 50 years, has becomes a philosophy that involves the entire organization, becoming total.

Total Quality is an integrated management and people oriented system, foculized on continuous improvement of customer satisfaction at lower cost.

The Total Quality Management (TQM) is a method that involves the entire corporate organization, a strategy for organizing its own internal production processes. It consists of three features:

  • quality construction features: the product has no defects and it is reliable over time;
  • quality technical characteristics: product performance;
  • quality product-related services: spare parts, delivery, payment and after-sales service.


The product quality must be guaranteed through the use of product control systems for each single production phase. In every phase it is essential: accurate positioning of the tools , thanks to torque reaction arms and their accessories, the positioning control of assembly system by Posix BNP and the quality control of different processing with assembly equipment.


Ensure the overall quality control of the process it is necessary to use an efficient management and control system of the entire production process. To accomplish all this, you can use a software for monitoring processes in every phase (SMM).

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