Posix is a precise and innovative arm positioning system which allows error-proof sequential tightening. It controls and locates the tool position during assembly process, enabling the operation only if the positioning of screwdriving is correct. In this way it ensure total quality, efficiency and speed of the assembly process.

Posix system is used to ensure maximum quality, improve efficiency and speed up of production process.

HMI with 7” touch screen.
Support up to 4 incremental encoders.
Communication with power tool control units by digital I/O.
Intuitive and easy programming.
Operator visual aid through pictures/CAD of the real part.
Stand-alone device or can be interfaced with SMM software through PC.
Support data recording and management.
Can be used with the range of BRT-P2, BRT-P3, BRF, BRL, BRV-SA, ZeroG arms.
Interfaceable with many brands of control unit.

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