Lean Production

Flexibility and zero waste for increasing efficiency
Lean productionis an assembly-line methodology developed originally for Toyota: Toyota Production System (TPS).

A new rational methodology created internally by the Japanese company, based on the involvement of everyone to do just what it takes to eliminate all the waste by reducing business costs and creating value for customers.

Flexible manufacturing system

A flexible manufacturing system (FMS) is a production system be able to automatically produce different products. It happens when the work cycle is adaptable and expandable. To get it, you can manage multiple workstations by SMM software.

Handling system is an integration of the material handling control activity by gravity, by manual or due to machinery effort.

The material handling system utilizes time and space and is a major part of a flexible production system. The "Handling system" E-ZeroG - zero gravity - assists the operator in these phases, specially to handle particularly heavy screwdrivers.


The SMED (single minute exchange of die) is one of the lean production methods that allows - in a small lot production - to reduce drastically set up time or machine setup (less than 10 minutes), decreasing the loss of time and money.

The machine setup is considered the main unproductive phase of a process because:

  • does not increase the added value of the product
  • absorbs machine and human capacity
  • interrupts the flow of materials production
  • does not have a reference time with a instability factor

Pick to light system can be used to reduce production dead time, driving the operator in the operating phases by control lights.

A good organizational layout it is important. Thanks to tool holders you have tools always at your fingertips.

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