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Italian company specialized in machines and components production for the industry


For an Italian company specialized in machines and components production for agriculture and industry, we have created and installed a BRT-P3 reaction arm with 3 incremental encoders and a Posix positioning system with custom programming. The customer's requirement was to guarantee the sequential execution and the counting of all planned screwdriver operations during the assembly phase of the  "chainsaw" bodywork for the quality control of the whole process.

Our Posix Positioning System for controlling tightening phases carried out with the BRT-P3 uses a software with a customized configuration on the phase. The BRT-P3 carbon fiber reaction arm is equipped with 3 incremental encoders for detecting the position of the screwdriver.

The Posix system enables the planned tightening program, through direct interaction with encoders and the screwdriver control unit. Adaptability was also requested, that is the possibility of managing different torque reactions with the same system. Another advantage for our customer in choosing our product has been to allow him to move by using two pneumatic screwdrivers to a single multi-program screwdriver. The digital system used is a customized system adapted to the specific needs of the customer's production line.

The innovation element of the Posix system is the adaptability both to tightening programs and the need to change programs. It allows complete control and traceability of the tightening operation phase using a user-friendly digital system. Thanks to this solution, the focus is not only on physical ergonomics aspects but also on cognitive ergonomics ones. In fact, the operator is followed by an intuitive HMI interface that guides him in the planned phases, showing the product image on the digital screen, simplifying the difficult relationship between human and machine and realizing the factory's IoT system 4.0.

The work cycle in question is divided into two tightening phases, which are carried out on 2 different overlapping levels of the same product to be assembled. The Posix software finds maximum adaptation also in this particular context, managing in automatic a change of sequential image.


Obtain a process quality control device. More specifically, guarantee the execution in sequence and the counting of all the provided tightening during the assembly phase of the "chainsaw" bodywork.
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