Industry 4.0

Digital technologies at the service of the company


Industry 4.0 can be defined the fourth industrial revolution, a new concept of manufacturing which involving an organizational change in manufacturing processes. It is an evolution of the product-machine connection system for greater process control.

The factory becomes Smart factory and new digital technologies, are part of the production process management system, which plays a key role in centralizing and storing data.

The systematic application of Internet of Things technology to industrial manufacturing processes realizes an evolved and interconnected factory. It is able to improve a system usability and make man-machine interaction more and more immediate.


Smart factory is the future factory which identifies in technology innovation the way to increase business competitiveness. Man and machine collaborate together thanks to advanced solutions, in which the machine aids the man: this is the case of collaborative robots


Internet of Things (or IoT) is the present digitization process of industries, a technological development phase, which - by Internet - digitizes every object. Devices change in "smart" for their ability to connect and communicate to collected data.

Internet of things is the new technology applied to industry 4.0. A global infrastructure traces the actual world allowing to objects, people, and IT devices to be interconnected in only one network, with actual advantages for the companies, in terms of system usability, efficiency, flexibility, control and management of production process.

The ultimate goal of system usability is making work easier and technology invisible to the user. This is the advantage of using the integrated digital data management system by the Multiple Process Management Software - (SMM).

A digital positioning control system like POSIX/POSIX PRO helps to have a faster production process and to control its execution quality.
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