Ergonomic accessories

 BNP Tool Holders are tools used to improve ergonomics and organization of assembly workstations, in line with the principles of Lean Production.
Improve the work environment while respecting the principles of ergonomics of work, careful design, adaptable to specific needs of the operator.

BNP Tool Holders are used to improve workplace organization, adapting on operator position and reducing setup time (SMED). 
The Pick to Light system is a picking solution to reduce machine setup times (SMED) and to allow operator mobility in the work area.
BNP dynamic lights adapt to the lighting requirements of each work phase and necessities of the operator while respecting the principles of ergonomics in the workstation.
BNP adjustable workstation adapts to the operator's height while respecting the ergonomics principles of the workstation.
Ergonomic stools are adjustable work stools, specially designed to adjust the operator seat allowing mobility, ergonomics and position adjustment to the workbench.
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