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The project awarded at Mecspe fair of Parma, main manufacturing Fair in Italy, is a collaborative innovative robotic workstation with an integrative software installed in Anodica Trevigiana (2016), an SME in Treviso, working in a competitiveness sector: home appliance components.
The feature of E-ZeroG torque reaction arm is to be the only one in its category to allow both tightening and handling system. The custom version has been realized for a primary power tool manufacturer and installed by our specialist dealers.
The end user is a manufacturer of marine engines and inboard power units for which we have designed and installed by our dealers two customs: a telescopic BRT reaction arm with indexed rotary THR tool holder and a wide range ZeroG zero gravity arm.
In order to allow assembly and tightening of considerable size components, we have created a BRV anti-rotation reaction arm of exceptional length.
For the quality control of the process, our customer company, machines and components manufacturer for agriculture and industry, has chosen our Posix positioning system to control tightening phases carried out with the BRT-P3 with 3 incremental encoders, installed through our qualified dealer.
For a leading multinational manufacturer in the home appliance industry, we developed a BRV40-SA torque tube arm with SA articulated support and custom tool holder to improve ergonomics and efficiency in the production line.
In partnership with our customer, we designed and built a custom arm, which has been installed in a new plant for sports cars assembly. Project development was shared step-by-step with the customer and our partner system integrator which supported us in order to satisfy the very demanding requirements.
We developed the project for a system integrator specialized in automotive applications. The result is a customized anti-rotation arm, equipped with a swiveling tool holder, which allows the tool tightening in all possible angles and the process stages control.
For the multinational customer Clerprem Spa, a Tier 1 supplier for automotive and railways, we made and supplied a complete supply of components of an ergonomic workstation. The target was the assembly, the total control and the process management of the new Porsche Panamera seat frame structure.
For a famous Italian automotive world brand, we designed and built 2 tailor-made ZeroG articulated arms with a pneumatic system for installation in the existing assembly line, through our integrator supplier.
For the efficiency and the traceability in the tightening phase of electronic boards, we have developed a customized system: BRF orthogonal torque arm with Posix positioning system. Our solution has been installed into the production line thanks to our specialist dealers.
We solved a problem with the tightening process for a leading company in the sector of electronic board production. We designed and supplied them with a special orthogonal arm with 3 encoders, integrated with Posix positioning system.
For a client of the home appliance industry, we developed a special BRT-V on linear rails to allow the tightening on the bottom of professional glass-washers.
We designed a custom version of our BRF orthogonal torque arm, specifically for supporting the operator during the drilling of Aluminum sandwich panels. The design improved the workstation ergonomics and safety features.
Our end user asked us to solve a problem related to operators’ safety in the tightening operations on refrigerator bottom. We succeeded by studying and creating two customized twin solutions.
For our customer VIMAR SPA in Marostica (VI), an important player in the production of electrical/electronic material for residential and tertiary systems, we have designed and produced 46 new ergonomic workstations for their new production plant.
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