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Clerprem Spa


For the multinational customer Clerprem Spa, a Tier 1 supplier for automotive and railways, we made and supplied a complete supply of components of an ergonomic workstation. The target was the assembly, the total control and the process management of the new Porsche Panamera seat frame structure.

The client's goal was, at the same time, to achieve a controlled tightening and improve working conditions of the assembly line operators, mostly women, who are more exposed to ergonomic risk factors.

The assembly line includes two complete workstations, in order to manage the customer model mix (974 and Sport).

After analyzing customer's requirements, we proposed two possible solutions: either the "zero gravity" articulated arm - ZeroG or the BRT-V system mounted on an articulated support type SA.

In order to identify the best fit, we carried out a detailed analysis working together with operators of the line. Thanks to this, we defined the BRT-V SA system as the best solution, which was considered more suitable than ZeroG because of the low torque requirement (80Nm) and lightweight design.

Our solution is a complete torque reaction system consisting of the BRT-V SA carbon fiber telescopic reaction arm equipped with the Swivel Tool Holder (THR). The technologically innovative material - carbon fiber - gives the arm high-performance features, increasing its own resistance with a low inertial factor.

A "special" accessory for BNP torque reaction arms - the swivel tool holder (THR), combined with the BRT-V SA equipped with encoders, allows reaching of required tightening points in a precise and “mistake-proof” way. This is due to the presence of a sensor drowned in the rotation system for the correct positioning of the tightening axis.

The BRT-V arm system, equipped with the SA articulated support, ensures the flexible handling in the working area by eliminating worker’s ergonomic risk factors.

The BRT-V 150 telescopic reaction arm is integrated with the special SA 200 articulated support:
• Max torque  111 
• Max telescopic arm stroke  16,34 In 
• Max working radius SA  59 In 

The SMM Software improves the operator’s cognitive ergonomics, thanks to its user-friendly interface.

Furthermore, it allows the objectification and the traceability of the whole tightening cycle by the operator's recognition of the product for the quality control of the process.  In fact, the system controls the barcode scanner, socket trays, the conveyor belt and the pick-to-light system for the picking phases.  

The pick-to-light system increases the productivity, the flexibility, the ergonomic layout of the workstation and reduces the setup time (SMED),  applying the principles of Lean Production to the line.  

The principles of physical ergonomics are also guaranteed by the adjustable workstation, adaptable to the worker's height, and by dynamic lights, with the adaptive lighting of the workbench plan according to specific needs.


• Complete traceability of the tightening process 
• Elimination of ergonomic risk for the worker
• Flexibility for the operator in the work area  

Discover our ergonomic products in the Clerprem assembly line watching this video


Supply of components for an ergonomic assembly line for controlling tightening phases and work phases by the operator.

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