BRL are linear orthogonal torque reaction arms for bench installation that allow perfectly orthogonal tightenings to the work plane. 

BRL torque reaction arms are used to allow perfectly orthogonal tightenings to the work plane. 

Built with aluminum and carbon fiber.
High precision and stiffness single-arm linear movement.
Includes clamp tool holder with reversible mount capability.
Designed for holding tools up to 6 Kgs weight (BRL 80).
High precision orthogonality function.
Can be used with downward assistance and encoder kit.

Included Accessories:
BRL tool holder 

Accessories not included:
BRL downward assistance kit 
Kit encoder BRL

BRL downward assistance kit
Model Application Downward force kgs
KIT AS BR 15-40 BRL 15-40 5
KIT AS BR 80 BRL 80 9

Kit encoder BRL
Model Application N° ENCODER
Kit encoder BRL 15 BRL 15 2
Kit encoder BRL 40 BRL 40 2
Kit encoder BRL 80 BRL 80 2
Kit 3 encoder BRL 15 BRL 15 3
Kit 3 encoder BRL 40 BRL 40 3
Kit 3 encoder BRL 80 BRL 80 3
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