Assembly equipment
The equipment used for assembly operations allows the best of efficiency and safety of execution, utilizing high technological value and high usability systems. All assembly equipment can be digitally managed by SMM integrative software, allowing process quality control using Big Data analysis.
With collaborative robots, the technological innovation supports man to improve working conditions, respecting principles of ergonomics. 
Electronic presses are machine tools to allow a precision electronic pressing of materials.
Fluid dispensing systems are precision dispensers applied in assembly phases and designed to provide superior control of single and plural component ratios and flow rates. 
Laser markers are instruments to perform the laser industrial marking system of the product essential for the control of the process quality. 
Blind rivet systems enable efficient control of the riveting operation in the mechanical manufacturing, ensuring the quality of the junction.
Welding pin systems are fastening machines for complete monitoring of welding parameters. 
Vision systems are used to identify working robot area and to control operation parameters.
Socket tray is a useful accessory for program selection in assembly phases. 
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