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Anodica Trevigiana spa


Anodica Trevigiana SPA is a leading company for co-design and supply of esthetical components for automotive and home appliance industry.

They have introduced in their process the
Smart Manufacturing Manager (SMM) software, developed by Sogea in partnership with BNP.  SMM is designed to give value to man-machine interaction, giving to the human operator only added value actions and creating physical and cognitive ergonomic work conditions.

Inside this semi-automatic workstation designed for assembly of anodized handles for home appliances, YuMi – the ABB’s collaborative robot, carry out all repetitive tasks in place of the human operator, who will be mostly dedicated to aesthetic and quality controls, assisted by a specific adaptive lighting system.
Robotic and lighting work together for giving an essential contribution to the human operator.

The work cell is a friendly solution, which complies with work environment ergonomic principles, thanks to the collaborative robot and specific adaptive lighting system.

The SMM software allows process quality control through data traceability, thanks to an intuitive use of the operator, who can interact with it through the touchscreen. In this way, each workstation becomes adaptable to various work cycles, responding to production flexibility necessities market required.

Collaborative work cells allowed the company to decrease the number of workstations, lower product defectiveness, certify the production process and offer to its employees a workplace designed for their safety and health.

Use of a comprehensible and simplified software interface allowed a remarkable takt time reduction (takt time= maximum amount of time in which a product has to be produced in order to satisfy customer demand)

The whole production line has been re-designed according to lean production concepts, allowing time and production costs reduction, defectiveness decrease and offering a full process control quality traceability to end customers.

More info about software interface:


Design an ergonomic workstation in narrow spaces, including an electronic screw tightening system and a quick and controlled process, avoiding product quality issues, with the support of a specific lighting system for aesthetic controls.

Offer the maximum production flexibility and allow the company to trace the entire production process, managing the quality controls and decreasing production cost and time, according to lean concepts.

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