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A multinational manufacturer in the home appliance industry


For a multinational leading company in the home appliance industry, manufacturer of refrigerators, we have realized n.2 BRT-V 15 (L= 2 meters) to solve a problem relatig to operators safety. 

Following the report of the company doctor, there was the need to eliminate the risk of collision with the person during the release of the tool after each tightening. The end user asked us for a solution for a high-production station (around 1200x2 screw connections per shift).  At the end of each tightening on the refrigerator bottom, the operator left the power tool hanging with a balance (from about 2 meter high). 

Because of this, there was a “pendulum effect” that often caused injuries to workers. This was a high-risk factor for the safety of operators, who could be hit by the screwdriver on the move.   

From the customer's request, we proceeded to carry out a survey to detect the dimensional conditions of the working area and the mounting positions of our suspension structure.   

The customized solution, designed to improve the safety of the workplace and the ergonomics of the operator, provides: n° 2 telescopic arms in carbon fiber with built-in parallel balancer without changing the usability of the tools.   

Two operators (one per line side) are engaged in the station. For this reason, the installation consists of 2 twin solutions side by side.   

The installation of our reaction arms type BRT-V 15 made more safe the workstation, as the "hanging" of the tool was stiffened, thus improving ergonomics and safety in the tightening phase.  


- Respond to high-performance of the high-production station (about 1200x2 screw connections per shift)

- Eliminate risk factors for operator safety: the risk of collision with the person during the release of the tool after each tightening.
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