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A leading Italian hi-tech company in the HVAC&R industry


The end user, an Italian world leader hi-tech company in the HVAC&R industry, asked us for advice to solve the problem of the tightening process of electronic boards.

The main critical points:

● tightening of many screws positioned at very close distances;
● all the screws have the same diameter but different length (so any screw could be fixed in any position);
● the proximity of the screws, sometimes the distance is of a few millimeters;
● was not possible to ensure the right tightening sequence (a customer requirement).

How we solved it:

A special BRF orthogonal torque arm with 3 encoders, able to detect the position of the screwdriver, as well as the screw, in the X, Y and Z axis. Encoders communicate the position through our Posix device, which is connected to the tool control unit. In this way it can enable the screwdriver only when it is in the correct position, following the preset assembly sequence. The application has been installed by one of our specialized dealers.

The advantages:

In summary, we adopted a Poka-yoke system in the application of Lean Production principles, with the following advantages:  

● Process traceability, which can guarantee:     
     - correct tightening of the screw in the correct position,
     - respect of tightening sequence/cycle,
     - tightening of all the screws,
     - precise tightening of every single screw with the proper tightening strategy. 
Product quality was guaranteed.
● Improved process efficiency and reduction of time waste and labor costs (zero waste).
● Improvement of the operator's cognitive ergonomics


✓ Tightening of a critical component through a controlled and efficient process to guarantee a high-quality product.
✓ Integration of the principles of cognitive ergonomics in the process,
✓ Labor cost reduction: production waste and operator waiting times reduction,
Total quality: process and product quality assurance. 
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