Our customized solutions are adaptable and can be independently implemented according to the customer needs, respecting Made in Italy with reachable components in a supply chain controlled in Italian territory


A leading Italian company in the power electronics industry


For an Italian company leader in the power electronics industry, we have realized a tailor-made application for total quality control. Our solution has been installed on the production line thanks to our specialist dealers.  

We have developed a customized solution of the BRF orthogonal carbon fiber arm. The system is integrated with 3 incremental encoders, POSIX positioning system and the socket tray.  

The end-user - a manufacturer of components for the humidification control of air conditioning and refrigeration - required a system to increase the efficiency of the tightening phase of electronic boards.

Our POSIX positioning system uses a customized configuration phase to realize the tightening process control, carried out by BRF arms. Incremental encoders integrated with the arm are used to measure the power tool position.

Posix system enables the planned tightening program by connecting on the tool control unit. The digital system is customizable and adaptable to the specific needs of the customer's production line.

The main advantage of the positioning system is traceability.
Thanks to the visualization of the loaded product photo or drawing, POSIX allows the operator to be leaded according to a set sequence. This system prevents possible errors, avoiding the possibility of omitting one or more tightenings.

The power tool is enabled only when it is in the correct position. Otherwise, the system prevents the tightening.

Moreover, it is possible to have total control and the traceability of the tightening process, through a user-friendly digital system, which has an easily human-machine interaction.

This system covers several aspects relating to operator ergonomics :  
- physical ergonomics - thanks to the torque-controlled reaction arm for tightening operations,
- cognitive ergonomics - for the digital system usability.

The work cycle is also facilitated by a socket tray, with a program setting guide function.  

Strengths of our solutions:
- increasing the process efficiency,
- quality assurance of the final product,
- operator’s well-being during the tightening phase,
- strong increasing of productivity.


- Quality control of the tightening phase.
- Quality control of the product.
- Zero defects and zero waste.
- Ergonomics of the operator during the tightening phase.
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