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The customized project is a mobile workstation including a BRF arm equipped with a downward assistance kit for drilling operations. Our orthogonal arm was originally designed as a solution for the tightening process. In this case, we have customized it for supporting sandwich panels drilling operation.

The solution has been installed into the customer's production line by our specialist dealer.

Our innovative solution allows:

● compliance with physical ergonomics requirements,
● improved safety during drilling phase, thanks to double start command (system activate only by simultaneous pressing of 2 buttons),
● improved flexibility in the production layout, thanks to the mobile solution,
● certain orthogonality of drilling axis to the panel plane,
easy handling for reaching the drilling point,
EU safety compliance of workstation, by CE marking.

To improve the ergonomics, a custom pneumatic downward assistance kit has been integrated into the solution. It allows the drastic reduction of the operator's stress. The downward assistance system was directly activated by the drilling start input.

After testing the solution, the customer required us to evaluate a possible integration of a vacuum system for the suction of polyurethane dust (which is present in the sandwich panel) released during drilling.


Reduce operator's stress during the working of the sandwich panel, caused by the "push" effort to be applied on the tool to drill the plate.
Eliminate safety risks connected with free-hand tool use for the operator.
▶ Remarkably improve precision during drilling operation.
Easy positioning of part to be machined.
CE marking of the workstation for compliance with EU safety.
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